Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cousin baby Cason Robert just
arrived. He was 6lbs 5oz. Its
amazing how fast they grow.
Bridger will be 2 months old
this week. It will be fun to
see what kind of trouble these
two will get into when they
get a little older.


Casey said...

Bridger looks so big. What cute babies. Tell John & Anne Congrats for us, and we can't wait to meet Cason.

Melyssa said...

Hey! I just found your blog - via John's blog. How exciting! Also, congrats on your new baby (super cute name by the way) and congrats to John and Anne too! :) I look forward to checking this more often. :)

Lee said...

Oh how fun! Vanessa.. it has been FOREVER. I hope you are doing well. Miss you. And where are you?
Lee Ann

Call Family said...

I for one am NOT looking forward to seeing how much trouble they get into together!!! haha. Love you guys...