Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad hair day!

Carlie came down stairs to tell me that Cameron was in my bathroom cutting Jadyn's hair. I don't keep sissors in reach so I didn't think much about it but thought I should go up and check to make sure they weren't getting into trouble. When I got up there, there was a ton of hair carefully thrown away in the garbage and Cameron and Jadyn looking innocent. Cameron had cut his bangs off (his will grow back fast and isn't very noticable) and Jadyn's well, you can see the pictures. Needless to say, Cameron was in big trouble!!!!


Call Family said...

Why's she crying?? Sad day! Her hair looks cute though. And you can't get too mad at the kid. Afterall... how many haircuts did you and Laissa give me as a kid?

Casey said...

Jadyn's hair looks cute now. Too bad Cameron had to get in trouble for it. :)