Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Jadyn just got a new cast put on. They do this half way through. I convinced her today to let me pretty it up!


Melyssa said...

What a cute cast!!!!

Christensen family said...

Very cute.

Mike and Kelli said...

Adorable V. You should be a professional cast decorator!

David Christensen Family said...

Yeeeooowwwaaaa! Didn't know you had broken bones at your house. If ya gotta do it... do it with style! You're too, too good V. Hope she's healing up well!

ml said...

Hey Todd and Vanessa,
Marcy (Young) here (From the days of Ricks College, if you need a reference point). I was just looking at Dave and Angie's blog and saw your names listed, so I took a gander. I hope you are both doing well. The last time I remember seeing you two your oldest daughter was just a baby. Anyway, you've got a good looking family. Just wanted to say hi!